Expo and Start-Ups Zones


About Expo and Start-Ups Zones

As an exhibitor at International UBT Fest 2020 participants have the opportunity to present their exciting new products and services to a targeted audience of thousands of people, increase their brand exposure and meet virtually with their current and future clients and partners! At UBT Fest, we also welcome innovators and talents to tackle the big challenges the global industries are facing. We foster a starting platform for entrepreneurs to connect, showcase their potential and explore growing opportunities.  Start-Ups are aimed at early stage companies and startup founders. Experienced investors, business angels and accelerators will provide startups with guidance and advice on the tools necessary to:


Art and Digital Media

Virtual Exhibition – Virtual tour 360°

Virtual exhibitions have become a very common practice in the lifestyle of today / in modern times (especially in the period of pandemic). Such practices are closely related to the interconnection of Art and digital media and its impact on society, education and various creative industries. This practice has been embraced by the most important Museums and Galleries in the world, affecting the social strata which may not have been before this practice affected by Cultural Institutions.

Facts and Figures about UBT FEST 2020