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About Forums and Summits

The forums and summits are organized as part of the International UBT Fest 2020 in order to unite participants and explore topics of interest. In these forums / summits participants can learn a lot from the expertise of the presenters, share with others their ideas on elaborate issues, and discuss about the latest trends in various fields.


Stand-Up Scientist

Prospects and challenges of being a PhD researcher abroad

During this discussion, 6 PhD and post-doctoral researchers will discuss with us their research journey. They will touch on various topics such as: how they had the opportunity to find a PhD position abroad; what are the benefits of studying for a doctorate outside of Kosovo; what are the challenges of this; as well as what they would advise young people who want to pursue a doctorate in the future. This discussion will conclude with a session of questions and answers where all participants are encouraged to ask their questions.

05/08/2020 2:00 pm Agenda
Political Science


This forum will be comprised of debates tackling the topics that have been discussed during the International Summer Academy titled “Facing the Fake News as Hybrid Threat”

Sport, Health, and Society

Science Forum

During the Forum will be discussed several topics starting from:

– Health, Aging and Lifestyle – General Remarks

– Sport and Physical Activity

– Health and Sport Medicine

– Individual and Team Sports

– Training, Exercise and Performance

28/07/2020 Agenda

Seminars’ Day (academic and practical)

A description of the forum planned by this faculty will be provided soon.

Education and Development

Challenges and benefits of online education

For those preparing to teach online, the prospect might seem both exciting and daunting. Plenty of instructors have already taught online and have much to share from their experience. This forum will encompass some of the benefits and challenges teachers frequently report when teaching online.

08/07/2020 Agenda
Construction Engineering and Infrastructure

The Impact of Pandemic on Construction Engineering

Construction and engineering projects around the world are being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in numerous ways, and many projects have stopped. How are these profound challenges being managed?

Architecture and Spatial Planning


In this forum, the analysis of the impact of the latest situation on the development of Architecture and Spatial Planning will be made, as well as the potentials for generating solutions in accordance with the situations created in the future.


Oral Health

Oral health is one of the keys to eating and being able to enjoy food. Food is essential to maintaining physical health and strength, especially in the elderly. Therefore, this forum will address this topic in order to provide useful tips that would raise participants’ awareness of oral health and facilitate the daily routine of oral hygiene.

Information Systems

Information Security Risk Assessment Framework

Students will discuss and apply tools and techniques on measuring the level of security within organizations. We will select some case studies and based on them we will develop new cases together with students.

Integrated Design

The role of the designer in the post-pandemic (COVID19) situation

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. Its impact on global wellness and the economy has forced organizations in every industry — including our own — to flex and evolve, both in real-time and in the long-term. In this collection of ideas, tips, thoughts, and strategies, we explore what is the role of the designer in making the world a better place.


Peer Networking and Support

Upon completion of the International Summer Academy of Psychology, some of the participating students will be selected as the Per Support Group to share their gained experiences and skills of psychological nature and to provide support to their colleagues. This support will be provided to all UBT students and participants from other institutions.

Food Science and Bioechnology

COVID-19 and the impact on agriculture and food security

Though in some countries the spread of the pandemic has been slowing down and cases are decreasing, in others, COVID-19 is resurging or continuing to spread quickly. This is still a global problem calling for a global response. We know that this shock is somewhat unusual as it affects significant elements of both food supply and demand. Therefore, this forum provides a discussion of topics related to agriculture and the impact of the pandemic in this field


Nursing and Post Pandemic Health Challenges

Given the situation that the whole world is facing, this forum will be attended by nurses from various fields of medicine where they will discuss the challenges that will arise after the pandemic COVID19.

20/07/2020 2:00 pm Agenda
Art and Digital Media

Art and Digital Media

The application of digital media, as a practice that belongs to the present and the future, is seen as something extremely important. The digitization of technology is inevitable, so its application is extremely natural today. Therefore, the discussion on this reality would be quite interesting for all participants.

27/07/2020 11:00 am Agenda
Computer Science and Engineering

Science Forum

A description of the forum planned by this faculty will be provided soon.

Sustainability and Tourism

Sustainability and Tourism

Sustainability and Tourism One of the world’s biggest economic activities, tourism drives wealth, employment, and regional development. The long-term sustainability of the industry faces important challenges. Consequently, tourism and sustainability will be the main focus of this forum.

Energy Efficiency Engineering

Realization of ideas / projects in the field of Renewable Energy

The forum will comprise the discussion of ideas for projects in the field of Renewable Energy from the management of Effective Energy Engineering (IEE) faculty and interested students can participate by contributing with creative ideas / projects in the field of Renewable Energy.

Modern Music, Digital Production and Management

Art and Culture

The forum will include discussions on new vocal, composition with modern methods, music industry in Kosovo, new instruments, techniques of music audio mixing etc.

10/07/2020 12:40 am Agenda

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