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Food Science and Bioechnology

The Best Debate

The debate is organized in the form of a discussion on a certain topic. Participants who will participate in the debate are sent the topic given enough time to read and think about the topic. Two speakers are chosen, one for and one against. Also, 3 judges who are suitable to judge the debate will be elected.

Stand-Up Scientist

Academic Diaspora

“Stand-Up Scientist-Academic Diaspora” is a scientific communication competition which will be held on August 5 as part of UBT Fest. This event is organized by the Stand-Up Scientist platform and is supported by UBT. During this event, 6 doctoral and post-doctoral students who are studying outside of Kosovo will explain to us the topics of their research in a short, clear and engaging way. After these presentations, the audience will vote for the presentation they liked the most.

Education and Development

The best debate

Debate provides experiences that are helpful to life-changing, cognitive, and presentational skills. Hence, the debate competition is aimed at instilling a healthy debate culture among students/teachers and prepares them to defend what they truly believe in. Teams will engage with each other in an online debate and develop critical thinking skills by exploring the topics.

Architecture and Spatial Planning

Selection of the most qualitative works for each module

The competition will be attended by all students who are participants in the Summer Academy. The module holders will select the best works, which will be presented to the commission, and then only one winner will be selected.

Integrated Design

The best design

Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop organized during the Summer Academy. There, the best design made by them will be selected

Media and Communication

The best essay competition

A series of topics / fields of study are given and students write and present their essays. The 5 best essays get to present their work in the form of a presentation and the first place gets an award.

Media and Communication


“Pecha Kucha” is a story format where a presenter shows 20 slides for 20 seconds of comments each (a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds total). The best Pecha Kucha wins a prize.

Art and Digital Media

The best Photography, Graffiti in Photography

In today’s art, photography plays a major role, having at the same time many more aspects of interpretation than any other artistic discipline. Today’s photography is not just about capturing a moment or a fragment of reality – it is also about the artistic concepts used to do so. Also, the opportunities that digitization offers to manipulate, conceive and argue.

Computer Science and Engineering

Programing Competitions

Two programming competitions will be organized. One in Game Development and the other will be for solving various problems. We will also inform students about the questions of the interviewers held by prestigious companies such as Apple, Google, etc.

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